Free Guide: 10 keys to creating Fulfillment at Work

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What if you could press the reset button on your career?

You would like to find purpose in your job, to give a meaningful direction for your career beyond the need for a regular income.


You know that a work full of meaning will give you the energy to move mountains, to give the best of yourself and to be proud to contribute to something greater than you.


But you feel stuck, lost.


Maybe you feel alone realizing that not everybody thinks like you about what defines success.


Maybe you feel like you are part of a system which works on the basis of power, status, management by fear, and feel like you are forced to become someone you are not.


You would love to be guided out of your routine without jeopardizing your financial security. To dream again. To feel confident you are carving the right path for you. To dare to take action. To be aligned with your values.


To create a career where you do what you like, what you are good at and that gives you the feeling you have a positive impact.


I offer you my 38-page e-book called "10 keys to creating fulfillment at work", as well as a workbook and 4 videos to go further and start your journey.


Insights, inspiration, tried and tested method to help you shift your perspective, your habits, your attitudes, and enable you to regain the reins on your career, by aligning your choices with the real You. 

ebook 10 keys to creating fulfillment at work

38 pages and 4 videos of good vibes, inspiration, advice, and coaching exercises to help you create fulfillment at work through authenticity and alignment with your purpose.

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A word about me

Marie Dobenesque says Hello

My name is Marie Dobenesque and I am an executive in a multinational company, which is quite an achievement considering my tendency for naive honesty and unpopular truths.


After years of struggle and self-doubt, I figured out how to hack the corporate system rather than let it destroy me.


Nowadays I can be my true, straight-talking and sometimes inconvenient self in a way that serves me, my career, the company I work for and a little bit the world when possible.

I truly believe that we will all better off if we can be our authentic selves at the office. And if I was able to crack the code of how to be myself at work and find recognition, then so can you!


Now that I am comfortable with creating a meaningful career on my terms, I want to help as many people as possible to do the same, for them to find purpose and fulfillment at work, and hopefully feel better in their skin.


So in my free time, I coach, I speak and I write about breaking free from the corporate rat race and unleashing the potential of humans in the workplace.


I created the community I wish I had found many years ago when I felt stuck, lost and misunderstood. When I thought I was the only one to look at companies, career, success in a different way. 


You'll find other amazing humans there, as well as some material from me: my tried and tested career tips in regular videos, ready-to-use templates and guides like this one and I organize several workshops each month on authenticity, fulfillment and purpose at work. 


I'd love to hear what you think of this guide! 


Speak soon,

- Marie,

R&D Director in Big Corp // Steward of Humans of Big Corp, where real people create meaningful careers that rock.