To fly or not to fly?

To fly or not to fly: how far to go, in which accommodation, which activity to do - there are so many questions to answer to prepare low impact holidays, in line with your values!
To fly or not to fly, that's the question | Credit: Unsplash.
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Hi dear friend,


July is over, August begins. And if you are like many others, this period means holidays. Most of Europe goes on leave in August, and the favorite destination is the sea!


In line with our growing awareness of our impact on the planet, a new concern has arisen: how can we ensure that our vacations are consistent with our values? Can our choices create a version of tourism that is responsible, useful and ethical?


Transport, activity, accommodation ... To remain consistent with your low impact convictions, you may want to pay attention to your choices, just like you do the rest of the year! 


Starting with the destination. It's a fact that the plane is one of the worst things you can do in terms of carbon footprint. A Paris-New York represents two TONS of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Flying may well spoil all your other efforts...


Then, choose out-of-season trips whenever possible (wink wink to the people without children of school age). You will avoid overloading the infrastructure of the country and therefore encourage massive construction that will only be used three months in the year. And did you know that construction is in the top 3 of the most carbon-releasing industries?


During your trip, the choice of your activities and the organizer you choose will also be important. For example, in 2017, an NGO collected more than five tons of waste on Mount Everest, sadly confirming that it deserves its nickname "the world's highest garbage bin".


New solutions emerge to have "conscious" holidays, and in the tourism industry like in all others, beware the greenwashing!


Follow your critical thinking and where you can, choose for options with low-carbon transport value (3 weeks holidays across Europe on bikes, anyone?), with low-infrastructure needs (Airbnb in a residence, holidays at the farm rather than in sea-front hotels) and with nature preserving activities (via ferrata, canoe, kitesurf or treks rather than jet ski or city tours on segways).


The point is to not compromise on how much fun you can get out of your holidays (I make no comments on swimming pools 😇) but to make a healthier carbon choice when you can. Better have millions of people do low carbon imperfectly than a few doing it perfectly!


Wishing you wonderful, planet-conscious holidays 😅


And for those whose holidays are not yet on the horizon, hopefully you can enjoy some rest at the office while everybody is gone...


Be well and speak soon,



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