Human at Work

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The Pitch

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Every company will tell you they want you to bring your whole self at work. Until you start being different...

The problem with and solution to being an authentic human at work.


Critical thinking is the skill of the future! But having an opinion is not a good idea for your career. We value Diversity & Inclusion! As long as you don't challenge the dominant group thinking. We are all in for innovation! Provided you protect the status quo.

So how do you deal with the gap between what is said and what is done in real life? How do you manage to fit to standardized expectations without becoming another corporate clone?

The Speaker

My name is Marie and I am a stubborn corporate optimist who believes companies are our best chances at finding solutions to our global challenges - if we shift our models of leadership and empower employees to contribute to driving this change from the inside-out.


In my free time, I write, speak and coach on the expertise of Authenticity at Work. I am the steward of Humans of Big Corp, the private community where people who care about more than money come together to re-think and re-design their careers from a place of authenticity and purpose.


More about me HERE.