A 5-Pillar Model of Resilience for Unstoppable Well-Being

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The Pitch

Well-being at work is a topic more and more prominent in companies because of the cost associated with not taking care of the employees. It’s been instrumental in establishing new initiatives and ways of working, such as flexible hours and remote working policies, access to stress management training and the anecdotal ping pong tables.


And while it is well-intended and certainly a great start, it is not even remotely enough to really help individuals manage their own well-being. For that, the focus has to shift from the employee as one of many units of production to a human being as a complex system of biology and emotions – and with that, shifting from a one-size fits all approach to an individualized system. There is more to well-being than ‘take some rest and take care of yourself’’.


That’s the system I gradually built for myself as part of my burn-out recovery, as I was learning about and experimenting with the latest science of happiness and well-being. I have created a 5-pillar model of resilience for unstoppable well-being, a tried and true diagnostic method and action plan making system.


This system is both universal and customizable to your liking and lifestyle - so that next time you feel down, tired, confused, you know exactly what you long for and concretely what to do (and how to make it all fit in a crazy busy life).


And even better so, you are equipped to proactively feed all your needs in your unique way and become unstoppable whatever challenges come your way – like, say, an unexpected virus pandemic…

The Speaker

My name is Marie and I am a stubborn corporate optimist who believes companies are our best chances at finding solutions to our global challenges - if we shift our models of leadership and empower employees to contribute to driving this change from the inside-out.


In my free time, I write, speak and coach on the expertise of Authenticity at Work. I am the steward of Humans of Big Corp, the private community where people who care about more than money come together to re-think and re-design their careers from a place of authenticity and purpose.


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