Heat waves and Corporate change

Heat waves and corporate change - 17 Countries, Home to One-Quarter of the World's Population, Face Extremely High Water Stress
17 Countries, Home to One-Quarter of the World's Population, Face Extremely High Water Stress | Credit: World Resources Institute.
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Hi dear friend,


How are you doing?


Did you feel the heat wave last month, like pretty much everybody everywhere?


This month has had everyone realise the loss of our old normal. It confronted us with the very real, very tangible changes towards a warmer, more uncertain, more polluted, less livable world.


For some of us, it meant that the school could not welcome our children on these hot days because they can't cool the building - and it impacts our family logistics. It means that we need to work in poorly equipped offices while the outside temperatures break records. We are inconvenienced by the heat - and yet, we are lucky to live in moderate climates


Others are not so lucky. My heart got tight reading about women in India in the Nashik region, who have to risk their lives to scrap the bottom of a well for a few liters of water. Water has always been a problem in India, but this year the drought is at catastrophically low levels - the temperature reached 50 degrees and 40% of the population is at risk. Women daily routine has long been to walk 5 to 20 km for water - now it also involves abseiling down 18 meters with simple ropes.


We are the lucky ones not having to survive everyday. We are the ones closer to the arcades of power - just being in a developed country already makes us much more powerful than these women in India. We are the ones with the potential to be listened to and to be influencing changes. And with power comes the responsibility to use it, for all those you don't have it...


For the lucky among us who prepare to go on holidays, I invite you to use this time to take a step back and consider what you can do, at your scale and within your circle. You are one of the powerful ones! Use your voice, use your vote, use your choice...


Here is an idea we are not exploiting enough - use your job as a platform to get your company to impact the world differently. Companies are the place where massive change can happen. 


While preparing this month's digest, I felt a wave of hope and strength in the face of our new normal and our uncertain future. I needed this boost of energy because it's easy to feel defeated from so many bad news on the state of our world.  I hope it will boost you too!



Be well and talk soon, 



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