Fulfilling Career Design Masterclass

Humans of Big Corp - Real people rocking authentic, purpose-based career.

Want the instruction manual to a career which pulls you out of bed every morning?

Humans of Big Corp - Real people rocking authentic, purpose-based career.

Registrations are closed for now, but you can sign-up for the waiting list for next Masterclass in September 2021.

The Fulfilling Career Design Masterclass will help you create a career that pulls you out of bed every morning
Are you really telling me I can throw some sense in my BS job??!??

You are fed up with your job?

You wonder what you are doing here?

You ask yourself - is it all there is?


There was a time when you knew what your dream job was.

Now you are not so sure anymore...


I'll teach you how to create a thriving career based on what you need and want (and not what the system needs and wants from you) so that you can enjoy what you do, can be praised for it and it helps the world around you - creating fulfillment and positive impact a little bit each day.


It turns out there's a formula for creating a career that's simple, energizing, and––dare I say it––fun. I call it Fulfilling Career Design™ and it's like nothing you have seen out there because it's not about you fitting the corporate system. Rather it's about how you get to figure out how the system can fit you! 

What will I get in the Fulfilling Career Design Masterclass?

In this five week course, you'll learn:

  • The ONLY THING you need in order to create a job you are proud of and energized about
  • The process and strategies to kick-start the virtuous circle of being more motivated, therefore more productive, therefore more successful, therefore more motivated.  
  • The simplest ways to reconcile doing a good job and doing good thanks to your job.
  • The most effective ways to confidently use your job as a platform to express your values and purpose, and contribute to something bigger.

The Fulfilling Career Design Masterclass is perfect for you, if you are excited at the idea of doing something that you love, which has meaning and at the end of the day still pays the bills.


Most (all?) career development courses are based on achievements and success in the perspective of promotion, status, power - and money. Here our common belief is that money does not create happiness - but I really want you to be financially comfortable!


So in a time when everybody opposes career freedom and financial stability, I want to offer you the best of both worlds: the comfort of a corporate job with all its perks AND the excitement of a job on your terms.


This one-of-a-kind course is designed to give you:

How does the Fulfilling Career Design Masterclass work?

The Fulfilling Career Design Masterclass is run virtually, with live sessions of content transmission and live co-working sessions, with some homework for you to do every week. All in all, it will require 3 to 4 hours of work a week from you, but no stress! You can take it at your own pace with all of the video replays, because you get lifetime access to the full material.


Each week you'll be invited to participate live via:

  • Tuesday topic sessions: Each Tuesday at a time we will agree together, I'll introduce the topic and challenge for the week. 
  • Thursday office hours: To answer questions and workshop questions about your specific job, purpose and context, there is a weekly office hour on Thursdays at a time to agree together.
  • Templates and other resources: For any of the weekly topic sessions, you'll also get access to a whole library of specific, step-by-step templates that will help you apply the principles of Fulfilling Career Design to your job.
  • 24/7 access to the Masterclass: Lastly, all of these great resources are organized in our own separate course space. This is also where you can post your questions and weekly challenges with the assurance you'll get an answer. 


Here's what we'll cover:


  • Week 1: The Principles of Fulfilling Career Design and Your Inner Compass
  • Week 2: A Year in Your Life and Key Milestones
  • Week 3: Organizing your Time for the Right Priorities
  • Week 4: Confidently Reveal your Authenticity
  • Week 5: Introducing Change without Backlash

This course is not:

  • A magic pill. I know every course out there promises that only THEIR course has ALL the secrets you need to find your purpose and live a life of eternal bliss. The truth is, there are no secrets, but having a framework and some practice sure beats scrolling endlessly through Medium swearing you’ll find your purpose “one day”.
  • For people with a fixed mindset. I’d highly advise you to come with an open mind and be prepared to take a chance, make a change (see what I did there?) and trust the process of trying/ learning / trying again.
  • A career development training. Sure, there might be some questions on this in the groups and on the Q&A’s, but I will not be teaching anything related to promotions, CVs, interviews, etc. This is strictly about connecting your authenticity with your career, so that you find what feels good).
  • For people who are in it for the money. I bear no judgment to people who dream of a house with a swimming pool and a 6-figure car - it's just not our vibe here. 
  • For full-time entrepreneurs / freelancers / business owners. While a lot can be said about increasing your chances of success by anchoring your biz into a strong purpose, there are other people that do that a lot better than I do.

(Keep in mind, this is a complete beta/testing launch because I want to give it a first few rounds before I package it up and make it official to offer to everyone. It might be rough. There will be some kinks to work out. It will be a learning experience for the both of us. BUT, at the end of it all, I will be giving you everything you need to create a career on your terms, that you love because it is fully aligned with your values, your priorities and your needs.)

Who gives the Masterclass?

Hi! I am Marie.

I am a stubborn corporate optimist who believes companies are our best chances at finding solutions to our global challenges - if we shift our models of leadership and empower employees to contribute to driving this change from the inside-out.


In my free time, I write, speak and coach on the expertise of Authenticity at Work. I am the steward of Humans of Big Corp, the private community where people who care about more than money come together to re-think and re-design our careers from a place of authenticity and purpose.

How much does the Fulfilling Career Design Masterclass cost?

I want to make the Community Design Masterclass as accessible as possible, and I also want to limit the amount of participants so that you get the individual support you need! 


The price of the Community Design Masterclass is 349€ (plus EU VAT tax = 423€). For this first cohort, the founder price is 100€ (plus EU VAT tax = 121€). That's the lowest price it will ever be!


To offer the right amount of individual attention to each participant, there is a maximum of 10 participants per cohort. It will fill up fast, so first come is first served...


Humans of Big Corp - Real people rocking authentic, purpose-based career.

Don't Buy this.


Invest in yourself.

Humans of Big Corp - Real people rocking authentic, purpose-based career.

The processes, strategies, and insights in this Masterclass will require you to show up and put in the work. It will take more than just opening your wallet to master them and benefit from them.

There is a pathway to a better career (and life!) and, by sharing my process and my real-life experience, I want to keep you from re-inventing the wheel and you from getting into trouble along the way. If you're ready to do your part, I am ready and committed  to support you. 


It's never been more important to create a fulfilling career based on authenticity and purpose.


By being the best version of yourself at work (as in being aligned with your values, being motivated, engaged, being happy!), you refuse to become another corporate clone (politely, subtly and positively - but still 😉).


You become part of this awesome movement of people who create new models of being, working and managing teams and business in Big Corp. Being yourself is the single best way to shift corporate practices and culture and to drive the transition towards business-for-good, one happy human at a time. 


The Fulfilling Career Design Masterclass is here to show you how, and we get to doing it together!


I look forward to meeting you and helping you design a career that gets you out of bed every morning - and puts a smile on your face every night!





Applications are now open for the first cohort of The Fulfilling Career Design Masterclass


  • Application deadline March 26th.
  • Pre-course activities available prior to start date 
  • Course starts Tuesday 30th March 2021.
  • Full price for this program will be 349€ (plus EU VAT tax = 423€).
  • Pay just 100€ (plus EU VAT tax = 121€) for the first cohort.
  • No credit card required
Humans of Big Corp - Real people rocking authentic, purpose-based career.

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