Humans of Big Corp Online Private Community

where real people create purpose-based careers that rock.

I created the community I wish I had found many years ago when I felt stuck, lost and misunderstood. When I thought I was the only one to look at companies, career, success in a different way.


Now that I have reverse-engineered the system I used to create a purpose-based career on my terms, I want to help as many people as possible to do the same - and the first step is to come together.


You'll find other amazing humans there, as well as some material from me: my tried and tested career tips in regular videos, ready-to-use templates and guides like this one and I organize several workshops each month on authenticity, fulfillment and purpose at work.

It's also the place that hosts all the online courses, the replay library, and the paid membership with additional benefits on top of all the free resources I share week after week. 


But more importantly, it's a safe place for real people to talk freely about what really happens at work, and to tap into the collective intelligence and support each other by sharing insights, lessons or just find a listening ear.