Humans of Big Corp Community

The intentional social network for Employees in search of Happiness.

Humans of Big Corp - Real people rocking authentic, purpose-based career.

Humans of Big Corp is an antidote to corporate clones - a growing movement of employees who care about Happiness, Purpose & Impact.


Humans of Big Corp is the place where people who care about more than power, status and money come together to re-imagine and re-design our careers from a place of authenticity and purpose.


It's an intentional, private community - that's why we ask you to sign up so that whatever happens here, stays here ūüėČ

Humans of Big Corp - Real people rocking authentic, purpose-based career.

What you will find

Live Events

Join us for a variety of different live events designed to help you create happiness at work.

Exclusive Content

Access coaching exercises, downloadable templates, community articles and more.

Intentional Community

Exchanges ideas with and find support from other changemakers from around the world.

Your Tailored Feed

No snooping in your data, no cat videos, no restaurant plate pics. You choose your topics of interest so that you only see content that adds value.

Cultivate Curiosity

Whatever your career seniority or field of work, the platform makes it easy to explore and discover new tools and techniques that help you develop your own model of success and happiness.

Members that really connect

Everyone has something to teach. So you get to learn from others members  and the other members get to learn from you. The community is designed to help you exchange ideas with other members who share similar interests.

Easy-to-find Resources

All content is organized in topics dedicated to exploring specific subjects like resilience, purpose, productivity, inclusive diversity, corporate activism and more. More targeted info. Less noise.

There is a lot of resource available to you here, but the most valuable of all is its members! Use this space to connect with people, get to know each other and help each other out, with your projects, your boss or just in life.


This is a private space, so it's up to you how much you share - but in the spirit of 'You get what you give', we really look forward to hearing your stories, experiences, ideas and insights.

Humans of Big Corp - Real people rocking authentic, purpose-based career.

Why this community?

While access to this group is free of charge (even though I keep hearing how much VALUE it is), what I share in this group is not for public consumption - this is a private group for 2 reasons:


  1. because it offers us the possibility to be REALLY honest, unfiltered and politically incorrect, without fear of the consequences of how it could be interpreted or used against us. 
  2. because when you step in here, you come just as you are. We don’t value you because of the company you work for or your job title. We welcome you for the human that you are, and that’s how we create a powerful and safe space for us to be unconditionally supportive of each other.

The primary goal of this community is to break the isolation of the many people who feel stuck, lost and misunderstood, because they look at companies, career, success in a different way than the current norm of profit at all cost and status, money and power as definition of success.


The vision if that we can, together, in time, stop the epidemic of burn-out, transform workplaces and unleash the full potential of humans to support the transition towards business-for-good - one happy human at the time.

Humans of Big Corp - Real people rocking authentic, purpose-based career.

A Big Thank You

I run this community in my free time with the purpose to help people feel better in their skin and avoid burn-out. The intent is to make a lot of resources available to as many people as possible. I am also committed to dedicate 10% of the profits generated (if any!) to time-for-the-planet, an organization which is fundraising 1 billion euros to create 100 companies fighting against global warming.


Your generous sharing and honest vulnerability is what makes this group amazing. Please be active in the group and share, react, post - it's your group! Also feel free to invite other like-minded people who don't know about us yet.