Let's Stop Normalizing Excessive Workload - it kills people.
Resilience · 29 May 2021
A recent poll found that 68 percent of people are working longer hours since working from home. The dangers of this are clear: the World Health Organization reports that excessive working hours kills hundreds of thousands of people prematurely. It's vital to stop normalizing excessive workloads - and it starts with you setting the norms of the 'new normal'. Your heart will thank you.
Recipe For Well-Being: Drop the to-do list guilt
Resilience · 16 October 2020
I am very honored to have been invited by 'Recipes for Wellbeing' to provide a guest post on Resilience at work. I hope that my recipe 👩‍🍳 to 'drop the to-do list guilt' can provide you some insights and practical tips to free you up of the unattainable standards you think you need to achieve, so that you can decide what and how much you want to be busy with. And feel lighter, prouder, better!