Real Humans

Breakdown to breakthrough - how Kate shattered her corporate career to find her true self.
Real Humans · 22 July 2019
Kate was a successful Director of Research & Development who decided to shatter her corporate career to leave for another country, without any really concrete plan. The multinational where she was working was perpetuating the stereotypical culture of short-term profits above everything. For many years Kate did what she thought she needed to do to fit in and please management, but she was losing contact with her true self with each step upward on the career ladder. Till the point of no-return...
Leaving it all behind - part 1
Real Humans · 15 March 2019
Gwen is an exceptional human who had the courage to leave the comfort of a well-paid job in a large company with exciting career opportunities to see the world and meet people who are not like her. We caught up with her between her farewell and her flight to […]