On holidays I forget everything - but should you really?
Newsletter · 19 July 2020
Has the countdown to the summer holidays started? AAaahh, the perspective of not having to follow a certain schedule, of slowing down, of doing something if you want to and not doing anything if you don't want to... This magical feeling of freedom from deciding what YOU do with YOUR time... This sweet opportunity to leave everything behind: the challenging project, the annoying client, the frozen budget, the unhelpful colleague, the tyrannic boss, ... As you close your computer, you also [...]
The 2 principles you can count on to achieve anything you want
Newsletter · 21 June 2020
I don't know if you've had the same experience, but during the lock down I have been bombarded with suggestions and offers to keep myself busy. In the last months, many service providers, coaches, MOOCs and authors have offered their knowledge for free as a way to be part of the solution somehow (or to surf on the wave for self-promotion, or both, we'll never know...). And of course I fell for it... I signed up for a 35-day course [...]

You know now is the time - so will you do your bit?
Newsletter · 17 May 2020
Now that we are getting used to it, it's time to recognize that this corona crisis has been a catalyst, a polarizing lens, a magnifier. Whatever was already there somehow hanging in the air is now right on the table. In some cases it is positive progress: I am thinking of Spain experimenting with the concept of universal income; of Canada which is making Covid relief to companies conditional to disclosing environmental impact; of French politicians, scientists & artists who [...]
Will you close your eyes in the corona rollercoaster?
Newsletter · 03 May 2020
Are you still hanging in there? By now, the confinement has probably turned into a new routine. You have established your alternating schedule with your partner; You have tried out a number of things to take care of your physical and mental health and a few have become new habits; You are paying extra attention to door knobs and shopping cart handles... Everything under control, right? But this is just chapter 1 of the corona story. Like a rollercoaster ride going uphill. [...]

Ready to know the truth?
Newsletter · 05 April 2020
Thank you for letting me in. Letting me inside your mailbox, inside your thoughts, inside your life. While the whole world is busy keeping the virus out. When so many things have to be out of our lives. While this is first and foremost a massive human tragedy, this is also an unprecedented, universal collective opportunity. While we are all confronted with the more or less the same disruption, we react in vastly different ways... and that's our uniqueness emerging.
Breaking the corporate model by cracking a taboo
Newsletter · 01 March 2020
Today I want to talk about one of the most unnecessary taboos of the workplace - emotions. Have you ever noticed how it is expected to be as emotionless as possible at work, in what I believe to be a collective attempt at self-hypnosis to convince ourselves that are decisions are good because they are purely rational... blink blink 😉 I mean - we are humans, we have emotions, they are present and they impact our thinking and annoy our metabolism - and denying their existence does NOT help[...]

Nothing's changed, but everything feels different
Newsletter · 02 February 2020
The first month of the year is gone already! Interestingly, I have experienced this month in a completely opposite way to what I had expected. I had been apprehensive about January because the end of last year has been SO demanding and I entered the Xmas break feeling SO exhausted. And knowing that 2020 would be no different. Or even worse. So I entered my first day and my first week with apprehension, but ended it in a surprisingly good mood. And despite all the sh*t coming my way [...]
Forget about New Year resolutions, and try this instead.
Newsletter · 01 January 2020
We are just a few hours away from the start of a new year and a new decade. And as much as it is a key milestone for the calendar ... for me it's pretty much just another day (yep, counter culture all the way 🤘). Rather than a stop/start point in time, January will very likely start where December left me off. So I invite you to reject the idea of creating another set of objectives or goals for 2020, or even for January. Did you know that less than 20% of the New Year's resolution work? [...]

Staying sane in a job that's driving you nuts.
Newsletter · 01 December 2019
I don't know of your personal situation but I know that the end of the year is tough on many of us. I know that hell, it's tough on me... So much so that my routines is all messed up - and it starts to show. My energy level is at a new record low. And what makes me proud right now is not how much I deliver against my personal mission. Right now I am proud just that I'm still hanging in there. I am surviving. Yet another day, another week, another month. [...]
So much going on... A tale of modern times
Newsletter · 20 October 2019
It is very likely that you too, are starting to feel the effects of the Q4 madness. Because despite all their (alleged) efforts, all companies enter this crazy period because the people in it work better against closer deadlines - that's because of instinct, lizard brain and so on, and instinct eats process at breakfast.

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