Inspiration · 05 October 2019
It's hard not to panic about the state of our beautiful planet, right? And above all ... how not to feel terribly helpless. The bad news assail us from all sides - greenhouse gases, global warming, biodiversity, plastic pollution, soil erosion. From every corner we are expected to believe that our choices as citizens will be the solution to the climate crisis, which can make us feel anxious or ashamed of not doing enough. The problem is - that’s not true. Or at least it’s not that simple.
Inspiration · 25 May 2019
Simple or complex, short-term splash or long-term commitments, people or planet oriented, there are millions of opportunities to be a corporate activist - but sometimes they are hard to see. And dangerous to do. Being a corporate activist is not about losing your job because you want to change the world. Rather the opposite. Ideally being a corporate activist is about being praised for your ability to drive the transformation of your company towards business-for-good. I know, sounds crazy right?

Inspiration · 14 April 2019
Bullshit jobs are everywhere - allegedly half of societal work is pointless, and potential harmful. Millions of people across the world are wasting away in meaningless, unnecessary jobs, and they know it, probably feeling miserable for it. Many offer advice as to what to do if this is you, with the worst possible advice possibly being the one I bumped onto recently, perniciously hidden under honorable goals of creating a better world.
Inspiration · 03 February 2019
It was one thing to know that I wanted to go up the ladder in order to have more potential impact, while staying true to my stop-the-bullsh*t-and-save-the-world opinionated self. It was another thing to crack the code of how to stop being perceived as an annoying trouble maker and start being valued as a much-needed game changer. I share the 5 key insights which unlocked my [...]

Why I stayed in my job when others would have quit
Inspiration · 09 December 2018
While everything was great on paper, I was seriously considering quitting my job. In essence, the stiffness of the corporate world was in conflict with my drive for impact. Since I feel like a misfit, is the solution solution to give up and search for meaning somewhere else? Is meaning something to be found or something to be created?
A quarter-life crisis as school for life
Inspiration · 02 December 2018
At age 25 I had it all - job, money, respect, freedom, boyfriend… and a quarter-life crisis. Many questions were poisoning my life, as summarized by “is this it?”. I was a statistical average, along with 3 out of 4 Millennials. The 3-step process to recover and thrive after this soul-searching experience […]

What if school could prepare us to be happy rather than prepare us for a job?
Inspiration · 22 November 2018
As a kid I was a good student. I liked school. It brought me on a straight highway of choosing by elimination a path based on highest chances of material success - to a diploma, a specialisation, a secured job. And soon to a quarterlife crisis. School did not teach me how to discover who I was and […]