Everyday at the Office

Strategic ignorance - when smart people choose to play stupid, even if it brings the company down
Everyday at the Office · 07 August 2021
This is a subject that is little debated in the boards, and yet strategic ignorance is one of the major causes of bankruptcies, industrial delays or ill-informed decisions by our leaders. Strategic ignorance verifies Upton Sinclair's infamous adage: "It's hard to get a man to understand something when his salary is precisely dependent on not understanding it."
Appearance above Competence: Why toxic leaders keep being promoted
Everyday at the Office · 21 July 2021
We see it happening time and time again: grossly incompetent individuals who are toxic to their teams and yet keep being promoted. They keep being given more power and more people to make miserable. We all know it and yet nothing seems to be able to stop them. Why does this keep happening? The simple summary to the complicated answer: because every single person on their path has more to lose than to gain by stopping them... It's the good old tale of fear above courage.

Breaking the corporate model by cracking a taboo
Everyday at the Office · 01 March 2020
Today I want to talk about one of the most unnecessary taboos of the workplace - emotions. Have you ever noticed how it is expected to be as emotionless as possible at work, in what I believe to be a collective attempt at self-hypnosis to convince ourselves that are decisions are good because they are purely rational... blink blink 😉 I mean - we are humans, we have emotions, they are present and they impact our thinking and annoy our metabolism - and denying their existence does NOT help[...]