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Inspiration · 03 February 2019
It was one thing to know that I wanted to go up the ladder in order to have more potential impact, while staying true to my stop-the-bullsh*t-and-save-the-world opinionated self. It was another thing to crack the code of how to stop being perceived as an annoying trouble maker and start being valued as a much-needed game changer. I share the 5 key insights which unlocked my [...]
Why I stayed in my job when others would have quit
Inspiration · 09 December 2018
While everything was great on paper, I was seriously considering quitting my job. In essence, the stiffness of the corporate world was in conflict with my drive for impact. Since I feel like a misfit, is the solution solution to give up and search for meaning somewhere else? Is meaning something to be found or something to be created?

A quarter-life crisis as school for life
Inspiration · 02 December 2018
At age 25 I had it all - job, money, respect, freedom, boyfriend… and a quarter-life crisis. Many questions were poisoning my life, as summarized by “is this it?”. I was a statistical average, along with 3 out of 4 Millennials. The 3-step process to recover and thrive after this soul-searching experience […]