About Humans of Big Corp

We want to create a corporate world which cares for people and planet - and it will take each of us.

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About Humans of Big Corp - changing the corporate world one authentic and fulfilled person at a time

We exist to change the workplace from the inside out, one authentic and fulfilled person at a time.

 Welcome to YOU (yes, you!) who doesn't fit in the old corporate stereotype of profit at all cost, individualism, short-termism and patriarchal leadership! 


We don't either!!  🤘


Personal development & career coaching tend to be limited to ambitious people - people dedicated to success and performance and focused on promotions and status.


We exist to support the people who care: people who want to enjoy a career on their terms, who want to be proud of what they do, find meaning in being a good manager to their team and enjoying a healthy work/life balance.


We offer training, coaching, information & resources at the lowest possible cost (for free or affordable) to reach as many people as possible. 


And change the workplace from the inside out, one authentic and fulfilled person at a time.

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Hi! I am Marie.

I am a full-time Food R&D executive in a leading multinational company, so my day work is to lead a team to make projects successful and my team members proud and thriving. That I made it this high in the corporate tree is quite an achievement considering my tendency for naïve honesty and unpopular truths - whatever the situation, I have always been true to my authentic self and my inner drive for positive change. 


I want to be a changemaker towards business-for-good from the inside-out. Most of the time a changemaker is perceived as a whistle-blower or a trouble-maker, and it certainly worked against me in the first decade of my career. Once I got the hang of it, I became not only able to impact positively in my circle of influence but in time I also founded a grass-root initiative joined by many change champions and endorsed by the organization.


In a nutshell, I figured out how to hack the system (the hard and painful way, let's be clear...) and stay my true, straight-talking and sometimes inconvenient self in a way that serves me, my career, the company I work for and a little bit of the world when possible.


I truly believe that we will all be better off if we can be our authentic selves at the office. And if I was able to crack the code of how to be myself at work and find recognition, then so can you! 


To continue to grow the scale of positive impact within companies, my wish is to share these insights with as many people as possible for them to find purpose and fulfillment at work, and hopefully feel better in their skin.


So in my spare time, I coach, I speak and I write about breaking free from the corporate clone script and re-thinking and re-designing our careers from a place of authenticity and purpose.


You can follow me on LinkedInInstagram and on Facebook, as well as join my free community of real people talking about work in a real way called Humans of Big Corp.