Happy Hopeful 2021

Happy hopeful 2021 from Humans of Big Corp

Like with any bad experience, I want to force myself to search for the positive in what happened to us in 2020. And re-brand it from bad to unpleasant experience - hereby searching for the learning in there to make sure it was not all for naught.


So the silver lining for 2020 for me, is that I think this year has – more than anything else – shown us more clearly all the things that we normally take for granted. 


Whether it’s meeting up with friends for a drink, receiving clients into our practice, or dropping our kids off at school, we’ve now come to regard these things as the luxuries they’ve always been.


Suddenly gratitude was not the privilege of the enlightened few, either buddhists, positive psychologists or employees recovering from burn-outs. As more and more freedom was taken away from us, we suddenly realized how much these "little things" actually meant. 


Essentially - they are everything. They are the family memories we didn't have, the photos we didn't make, the emotions we didn't share together.


I don’t mean to diminish the scale of the medical and now economic tragedy; some have lost loved ones, some got very sick, there has never been more people needing mental heath support. Some people have lost their jobs - and many are waiting to know if they still have theirs.


Whatever your experience has been, I think it’s wise for us to consciously choose how we respond to a situation like this. Also because that's kind of the only control we still have on the situation as individuals. 


So are we going to let feelings of depression and frustration rule our minds? Or will we choose to look at the things we do have and the miraculous ways in which we humans can adapt to changing circumstances?


Our evolution as a species is dependent on our ability to adapt. Those who adapt are not just able to survive, but they also have the opportunity to use the same toolkit to thrive.


Yes, we’ve been forced to adapt this year, and alongside all the misery the coronavirus has caused, I’ve also seen the amazing things we’re capable of as humans when sheer necessity forces us to build creative solutions and find new ways.


We've figured that it tends to work better with collaboration than competition, with long-term views than short-term views, with empowerment rather than central decisions.


Good that we figured that out - because covid is not the only crisis waiting for us; we are going to need the exact same solutions to face the climate crisis.


Sure, the situation is bad and it’s not over, but throughout history, we have faced hardship, adapted, and built a better world.


And this world DEFINITELY needs a make-over. So while 2020 was the year of realization, I want to see 2021 as the year of hope. So here is my intention for 2021, and my modest invitation to you - to all of us:


  • Can we deal with these unwanted, unexpected challenges and come out more resilient, and more in charge of our individual and collective happiness?
  • Can we find togetherness as a positive force to face all of this and rise?
  • Can we use this disaster at our advantage, spinning the momentum of change to create the world post-transitions we dearly need?


So as we celebrate the end of the 2020 chapter and our impatient desire to move on, I hope you will indulge me by joining me in celebrating the gratitude for everything we (still) have and the hope that our miraculous ability to recover, adapt, and grow can bring.


I wish you all health, resilience and creativity for a hopeful 2021 - up to us to write History.


Happy New Year everyone! 🥂 🥳 🍾 💏 🎊

[This text was originally published on LinkedIn Here]

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