On holidays I forget everything - but should you really?

A man in a hammock in his living room with a book covering his face - Letting the time stop and enjoying having nothing to do - forgetting about constraints, forgetting about work. Until it creeps back in... | Credit: Unsplash
Letting the time stop and enjoying having nothing to do - forgetting about constraints, forgetting about work. Until it creeps back in... | Credit: Unsplash
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Has the countdown to the summer holidays started? 


AAaahh, the perspective of not having to follow a certain schedule, of slowing down, of doing something if you want to and not doing anything if you don't want to... 


This magical feeling of freedom from deciding what YOU do with YOUR time...


This sweet opportunity to leave everything behind: the challenging project, the annoying client, the frozen budget, the unhelpful colleague, the tyrannic boss, ...


As you close your computer, you also close all of this, as if you were making a small paper ball out of it all and threw it over your shoulder. 


Finally, you can allow yourself to enjoy!


After so many months of constraints and stress, of putting demands of others before yours, so many deadlines and frustrations, you can LET GO OF EVERYTHING !!


And dedicate all your attention to as little or as much as YOU want...


as long as it has nothing to do with work...


I can see how that is very tempting and very intuitive. The only issue with that is ... well, what happens at the other end of the holidays?


If you go clack boom, forget about the whole thing, it is likely to clack boom, explode in your face the evening before having to go back to work.


Ever had to deal with back-to-work anxiety, anyone? I found a study which suggests more than half of us know what I'm talking about (read it here)


The apprehension of having to deal with all the bad things you've left behind which slowly creeps in as you get closer to the end of the holidays. The alarm clock, the mail-ocalypse, the avalanche of problems waiting for a brain to solve them, ... Terrifying, isn't it? 


So what to do instead? For sure, slow down, relax, enjoy, plan to do nothing - but if you ever start thinking about work, let it be: your sub-conscious is trying to tell you something.


Don't block it and push it away, but rather make the most of this time you have where you can think, ponder, let your mind wander, to examine what is up with you and what is up with your work.


Use this time to reflect on whether you still like your work and some minor stuff is annoying, and develop strategies on how to deal differently with them.


Or whether it's high time that you start afresh with something really different and what that should look like to be more in line with who you are and what you need.


If you need any help with that, rush to the 'Listening to the Real You' training on Humans of Big Corp - it will give you some thought-provoking structure, it fits in your pocket (just download the app 😜) and it is 100% free.


And the best value of this if, you get to join our beautiful community of real humans, ready to help you and looking forward to be helped by you! So feel free to share your questions and your breakthroughs with the community there, or your feelings on that dreaded night before... 😨 We'll be there to have your back 💖


So enjoy your holidays, forget what you need to forget, embrace what needs you attention, be kind to yourself in all the ways your intuition is telling you.


Be well, Be strong, Be you. 


With love, always,  



Speak again you in August! I have loads of exciting stuff in the making which I can't wait to share with you... I'll have busy holidays 😊!

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