You know now is the time - so will you do your bit?

A man in outdoor clothes in a middle of a jump between two rocks. The caption says: The time has come - so are you ready to take the jump? | Credit: Unsplash.
The time has come - so are you ready to take the jump? | Credit: Unsplash.
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Feeling it yet?


The wind of change... (yes you are going to have the Scorpions whistling in your head the whole day now - you are welcome 😂)


Seriously though - now that we are getting used to it, it's time to recognize that this corona crisis has been a catalyst, a polarizing lens, a magnifier.


Whatever was already there somehow hanging in the air is now right on the table.


In some cases it is positive progress: I am thinking of Spain experimenting with the concept of universal income [1]; of Canada which is making Covid relief to companies conditional to disclosing environmental impact [2]; of a melting pot of French politicians, scientists and artists across the political spectrum who have launch a national consultation to ask citizens what our real priorities should be after the crisis [3]. 


In others, people will use the confusion and distraction to push what was unpopular before. Trump - of course! - is accelerating on his plan to reverse up to a 100 environmental regulations [4] and he has announced that routine environmental inspections will no longer take place during the covid crisis [5], giving permission to companies to pollute in total impunity... And let's not talk about Bolsonaro and the acceleration of the destruction of the amazonian forest [6]😭


So the acceleration of change is clearly in the air, and now is the time that the balance will be tipping to one side or the other.


In Europe, the crisis has triggered a rallying cry from many CEOs to align behind the principles of the Green New Deal announced late last year. In an attempt to solve AND a flattening economy AND a sick planet (and to regain leadership from the US and China, let's not kid ourselves), leaders from industry and business have creating an action group [7] to spur action in their and others' businesses and drive the transformation of the European economy towards climate positive action and circular economy.


The companies are going to have to change faster than they thought. The transition towards social and environmental as a necessity to survive the 21st century consumer demands was already announced a while ago [?], but Covid has accelerated that.


And it's not at the top that this is going to get played. Of course CEOs will go from top-to-top meetings to Industry action groups and we will see many inspirational speeches in the media, but in times of 'collaborative leadership' [7] these guys will be preaching a direction, an intent, but all the work about how to get there will be left to be figured out.


And this is where we - You, I - step in the game. Now is the moment that things will move. Now is the moment that strategic innovation pipelines are going to be reviewed because the consumer has changed.


Now is the moment that industries will be destroyed and others will be created because what society needs have changed. Heck, if we are lucky, we might even see that consumerism will go down and that people will go back to enjoying what really matters - family, friends, freedom, non polluted air ... 


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So now is the time for action - not massive, visible, rebellious uproar, but rather subtle, whispering in the ears of the powerful people, the ones making decisions, type of action.


Influence your stakeholders.

Impact the scope and KPIs of your project.

Change the way of working.

Make of the planet and the people a priority and communicate that with your product.

Do all the things that were in the air before but were not a priority.


The time for these changes has come.

So if now is the time - will you jump on it? Because if not you, who?


And if you are wondering HOW to do that (always sound simpler said than done, isn't it?), join us in Humans of Big Corp - not only you get access to a safe, supportive community of like-minded people, but I have recently started a series of short videos to share all the mistakes I have done in the past trying to be a corporate change maker so that you don't have to do them 😉. 


I posted 3 videos this week - the myth of meritocracy, how playing games will help your career and the #1 thing to shift to make your corporate changes successful. And many more to come!


This mantra is becoming our badge of honor - wear it, you don't have to feel alone!


Be well, Be strong, Be you.


With love, always, 

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