Will you close your eyes in the corona rollercoaster?

A green rollercoaster cart with 32 people aboard, about to go down - Like in a rollercoaster, we are just on the tip before the rush down - will you close your eyes?
Like in a rollercoaster, we are just on the tip before the rush down - will you close your eyes? | Credit: Unsplash.
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Still hanging in there?


By now, the confinement has probably turned into a new routine.


You have established your alternating schedule with your partner to take care of work / take care of your _ _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the blank with kids or dog or dependent parent or ...).


You have tried out a number of things to take care of your physical and mental health and a few have become new habits - yoga in the morning, walk around the block in the afternoon, video call with friends and a drink on Saturday night ?


You are paying extra attention to door knobs and shopping cart handles when you go out and you take a step aside on the pavement when crossing other humans, compensating the awkwardness with a large nod of the head and a smile.


Everything under control, right?


Well - for now yes. We are flattening the curve, and the medical tsunami has apparently been avoided (it does not take away the tragedy of all the losses which have happened obviously, I am just saying it could have been way worse).


However this is just chapter 1 of the corona story. It feels for me like that part of a rollercoaster ride when you hear the metal chain clicking under your cart because you are going up hill. You hold your breath in apprehension for what's to come, fear is building up, you know or at least speculate on what is to come once you pass the peak at the end of the clicking...

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An animated gif of a rollercoaster tilting in a free fall like ride- Feeling it yet, the rush of adrenaline? Do you feel scared, or can you find play in the process?
Feeling it yet, the rush of adrenaline? Do you feel scared, or can you find play in the process?


Why do I dare to compare the most dreadful economic downturn of our times to a thrill-seeking attraction we ride for fun? 


Because this introspective time has reconnected me with something I have downplayed for too long, and want to crank up more again. What I have (re-)discovered is the power of playfulness


I am a scientist by education and an executive by day, so seriousness clearly is expected from me. And being serious has definitely served me. But being playful, on top of being serious, serves me even more.


It does not make the problem less big or the matter less important, but it releases the seriousness we set on ourselves and allows for more creativity.


It lets us see options which we may not have been able to think of otherwise. It makes our reliance on critical thinking go to the background for a while and lets spontaneity run the show temporarily. 


It wires our mental environment with uplifting thoughts and leaves us at the end of the day not sucked out of all our life energy but energized, revitalized and ready for more!


So as we prepare for what is going to be a hell of a ride, I would like to invite you to look at the options ahead of you and choose HOW you want to experience what is to come.


Are you going to scream at the top of your lungs in terror and close your eyes to pretend this is not happening? Or are you going to make the decision to have the most fun possible while you are in there, even if you are in fact, afraid? 


We are going to face a number of decisions in the coming weeks and months that will shape our daily life, our work, our way of life, and to some extent even our company's results, our economy, our policies (any Prime Minister in the room? 🤣)


I hope we can face these decisions with our full potential, from a place of imagination and uplifting emotions, rather than from a place of fear, crippled intelligence and uninspired vision.


And at the very least, even if the extent of your decisions does not impact the whole society, please realize that your stand in life (and even more so at work) has impact on others - if you are afraid, you project fear; if you are uplifted, you project uplift - and that will unfold onto others around you, and maybe inspire them to do the same?


So that's what I wish you the most - despite everything that has happened or that is going to happen to you, to us - I hope you can still find the fun in life. 


Happiness is an effort, Fun is a choice.


I am not saying it's easy! But it may be just what we need in such times of doom and gloom.


So be well, be strong, be you and be playful!


With love, always -


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